Welcome to the website of Kartika , an Indonesian restaurant for over 50 years renowned for its authentic cuisine and hospitality .

The History


The wall are adorned by wayang kulit and wayang golek. Wayang means puppet and kulit is skin. Our wayang kulit come from yogyakarta in central java. Our logo consist. The Hemengku buwono x residence.

Wayang golek are made from wood and come from west java.Our logo consist of a group of wayang puppets. They are Mr. Palasari and his companions: father Semar, Mr. Petruk and Mr. Gareng


All traditional indonesian food is designed to be compemented by rice. The indonesian cuisine is know for its deliberate
Combination of contrasting flavour and texture: spicy, sour, and other flavour-assertive dishes. Some of the spices used are : chili, lemon-leaves, l emon-grass and coriander together with ginger, onion and garlic. Rice is the beat combination for all indonesian food.

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